what the fuck is a bedtime


french weed joke:


why is it that at every concert i’ve ever been to, it’s always the last stop and last show on the tour?

it’s nearly ten and no one’s home yet


hey someone do an art-trade or just a request or something 

i super need to draw something my artblock is terrible 

um um draw someone in a hoodie riding a subway there

I bet Rick Astley struggles with Lent.

my night gown smells like cleaning detergent instead of my sweat


Going to School


Going to School


I always get uncomfortable looking at the watermelon jelly bean.

Red jelly flesh, blushing visibly under the green candy coated skin. Darkened sugarmeat. Vulnerable. A bean one could dissect, an internal and external anatomy.

Between my fingers, it’s so naked. I could score its shellac skin, pop its innards clean out. When I crush it between my teeth, it is mangled. I devour its broken, melting corpse: gobby with spit.

It is not healthy to be this aware of one’s jelly bean


literally the most important show you’ll ever watch

quit your dickering jimmy fallon doesnt love you

go to sleep and you’re wrong because i know jimmy loves me

i refuse to let go of my B+ in that class. it aint happening

oh man i don’t even have a second article picked out yet. i’ll get to that maybe at 3 am. how long do you think you’ll be on for?

i drank a cup of coffee and it made me feel sick for like three hours 

wow it’s been three hours since i got coffee

and guess what


linni who even does homework anymore


I’m doing an easter egg hunt for my cousins and someone is gettin a meatball