oh no im so shocked

inorite i would’ve never guessed

hey look i finished breaking bad basically everyone died what a shocker


me getting onto tumblr in the morning


Quality role model Stan Pines


finally the day has come to post this


the saga of triangle man


My favorite bread ever

Pan de muerto! 


*thinks about how many followers I might lose in October because there will be nothing but The Book of Life*


the textposts of egypt 

part 1/?

someone told me i should do this and i watched the movie the other day cause i’m pumped for the ridley scott version so yeah um k

I need more clothes.
me everyday when getting ready (via vauo)
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I couldn’t find an audio post for this one, but it’s so infectious and charming and wicked, so naturally I had to share.


Pete Townshend ‘dancing’

Tears For Fears - Head Over Heels
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I was amazed to find out that not only have I not posted this beautiful song before, but in fact, no Tears For Fears (that I at least have tagged as such), so here’s my favourite TFF song, Head Over Heels!